GM Voluntary Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Important Information about your voluntary LTD benefits.

If you enrolled in the GM Voluntary Long Term Disability Plan it is important to remember that the plan does not offer payroll deduction.

What you can expect:

1. MetLife will mail you your bill (If you have not already done so,
please remember to pay your premiums).

2. You can switch from direct bill to electronic funds transfer (EFT) for
an easier payment process.

3. In the upcoming weeks you will receive a reminder communication in the mail that           includes some FAQs about the plan and a blank EFT form to help you switch to EFT.

4. If you are laid off and have concerns about paying your premiums
while on layoff, please call MetLife at 1-888-543-3461*.
Questions about your bill, call 1-888-543-3461*
Questions about the plan benefits, call 1-800-606-6227

*Follow prompts 4, then 1 and then 0, to be connected to a billing representative.
Important Note: Prompt 4 is for life insurance; however this is also the correct prompt for the Voluntary LTD plan.

Blue Cross 24/7 Online Health Account


Sign up now. It’s part of Blue Cross and BCN health care plans.

Be prepared to feel better faster. Sign up now for 24/7 online health care so you’re ready to use it anytime, anywhere. No appointment needed.*

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to meet online — by smartphone, tablet or a computer — with a U.S. board certified doctor who can care for you when your primary doctor isn’t available.

Create your account by:

 Mobile – Download the Amwell® app

Web – Go to

Phone – Call 1-844-733-3627

  • Add your Blue Cross or BCN health care plan information
  • Use service key: BCBSM

 Important: You may be charged incorrectly if you don’t enter your plan information and service key. If you already have an Amwell account, log in and update your plan information and service key, BCBSM.

 Take advantage of e-visits when you:

  • Can’t leave home or your workplace.
  • Need to see a doctor after-hours.
  • Have minor illnesses, such as a cold, muscle strain or skin rash.
  • Or anyone on your plan needs care.

Be prepared to feel better faster.

Sign up today!

*U.S. only. Some states have visit and prescribing restrictions. Online health care doesn’t replace primary doctor relationships.

General Wage Increase and In-Progression Wage Increase

Effective September 17, 2017, each employee covered by the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement whose straight time hourly rate was $27.79 or more as of September 14, 2015 will receive a three percent (3%) general wage increase pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph (98) (b).  The amount of each such wage increase for each individual worker will be determined by the straight time hourly rate of the employee in line with the Table in Paragraph (98) (b), page 83 of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement.

Effective September 18, 2017, each regular, non-temporary production (In-Progression) employee hired prior to the effective date of the 2015 National Agreement will receive a base wage increases in accordance with the schedule published in the Memorandum of Understanding UAW-GM Wage & Benefit Agreement for Employees In-Progression, page 264 of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact your Local Union Representative.



Labor Day Message from UAW International Vice President Cindy Estrada


Happy Labor Day to all UAW-GM active and retired members. I hope you enjoy this Labor Day weekend and take time to reflect on the reason we celebrate this holiday.

At Nissan, we recently saw once again how powerful forces can intimidate unorganized workers to keep them from winning their union and a seat at the table. And we know from years of experience that having union rights and a contract with GM doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight every day to hold management accountable and respect our demands.

When organized and unorganized workers join together – whatever their differences – we can take on the 1 percent. We still haven’t gotten there, but I know one-day workers in this country will realize the full power of our humanity and come together in solidarity to make lasting social and economic change for ourselves, our communities, and our country.

In solidarity,



labor day friday

UAW-GM Safety Week August 28 – September 1, 2017


CALLING ALL SAFETY HEROES! This year’s UAW-GM Safety Week will be held the week of August 28th thru September 1st. All UAW-GM represented worksites will be celebrating workplace AND product safety as part of this year’s Safety Week.

Safety is a part of everything we do and helping to keep ourselves, our UAW brothers and sisters, our customers and our families safe is a value we all hold.

To demonstrate that, we are asking all UAW-GM team members to make a personal commitment to the behaviors that will help keep us safe throughout the year and drive a strong safety culture by signing our commitment banner located at your worksite and becoming fully engaged in our UAW-GM Safety Week.

Join us in making this event a success at all our UAW-GM worksites and finding your personal motivation to be safe by living values that return people home safely. Every Person, Every Site, Every Day!


Manpower Update

Due to a shift in the car market General Motors has adjusted the production schedules at many of our UAW-GM Plants. This has created some layoffs and the release of many temporary members. We have received many questions about temporary workers remaining in some facilities while members are laid off in others. While we have been able to accommodate many displaced members at other facilities in either permanent or temporary positions we have more work to do.

Attachment B to Appendix A of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement provides for temporary employees. Temporary help can be requested by the plant for such needs as vacation replacements, launch support, temporary volume increases, etc. The language also allows a calculated number of temporary help to back-fill for sick leaves, FMLA and unexcused absences. The third provision is for Monday-Friday workers to cover high absences on those days. Once approved by the National parties the plant may hire temporary help up to the number that has been approved. Appendix A Section VIII provides for laid off members in the area hire to fill these requests. The UAW has also reached an agreement with GM to offer laid off members outside of the area hire to fill these requests on a voluntary basis.

The UAW, International GM Department, Regional Offices and Local Unions, are constantly reviewing the needs at all the locals and pressuring the company to hire permanent members when there is a need. We will continue do our best to relocate all our laid off members and offer members that desire a transfer to another facility

UAW represented General Motors Active and Retired Member Discounts on Auto Insurance

As a UAW represented General Motors worker or retiree you are entitled to special discounts on your auto insurance.  To inquire, Michigan residents should call:1-888-525-7575.  Click the link below for more information.

Michigan residents auto insurance discount information

Non-Michigan residents, please call: 1-800-438-6388.  Click the link below for more information.

Non-Michigan residents auto insurance discount information

CVS Caremark Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GM Benefits

Q:  How do I register at
  Go to

Q: How do I order prescriptions after August 1, 2017?
Choosing how to fill your prescription depends on whether you are ordering a short-term or long-term medication:

  • For short-term medications (like an antibiotic), fill anywhere in our network of more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide, including chain pharmacies, 20,000 independent pharmacies and 9,600 CVS Pharmacy locations (including those inside Target stores).


  • For long-term medications (such as for high blood pressure or diabetes), get them delivered to your door or pick them up at a CVS retail pharmacy.
    • To sign up for mail service, choose either option below:
      • Register at and follow the instructions to request a new 90-day prescription.
      • Call Customer Care at 1-844-379-1671
    • To pick up your 90-day supply at a CVS retail pharmacy, choose either option below:
      • Bring a new prescription to your local CVS Pharmacy location or have your prescriber submit a prescription to the CVS Pharmacy of your choice.
      • Call Customer Care at 1-844-379-1671


Q: How do I start using CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy?
Beginning August 1, 2017 choose one of four easy ways:

  1. Phone: Call Customer Care toll-free at 1-844-379-1671.


  1. Online: Visit and sign in. Follow the guided steps to request a prescription. Once we have your information, we will contact your doctor for a 90-day prescription of your current medicine


  1. Fax: Prescriber can return a mail service order form via fax at 1-800-378-0323


  1. Mail: Fill out and return a mail service order form. You can download one at, or you can obtain one from Customer Care toll-free at 1‑844‑379‑1671


Q: Which medications can I fill through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy?

A: Mail service is a convenient way to have 90-day supplies of your long-term medications shipped to you at no added cost. Mail service can save you both time and money—you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the pharmacy every 30 days, and 90-day supplies typically cost less than three 30-day supplies.


Q: How long does it take to receive my medications that I order through the CVS Caremark mail service?
For new prescriptions, it can take up to 10 days from the day you submit your order for delivery of your medication. Refills are usually delivered within seven days of placing your order. Although CVS Caremark processes the orders within a day or two, the exact delivery day is dependent on the U.S. Postal Service.

Q: How can I check the status of my refill order?
After August 1, 2017, you can check the status of your mail order refill for traditional medications by signing on to Click “My Account” on the top right of the page, then click “Prescription History and Order Status.” You can also call Customer Care toll‑free at 1-844-379-1671.

Q: Will I be reminded when it’s time to refill?
Yes. You can sign up for refill reminders in one of three ways:

  • Go online to
  • Use the CVS Caremark mobile app
  • Call Customer Care toll-free at 1-844-379-1671

Q: If I still have refills on my medications with my previous provider, will CVS Caremark handle those refills? Do I need a new prescription from my doctor?
 If you still have refills remaining on prescriptions being filled through Express Scripts, these open refills will be transferred to CVS Caremark.

NOTE: Exceptions include controlled substances because these prescriptions, by law, are not allowed to be transferred between prescription providers. Those impacted by this exception will receive a letter in the next couple of weeks explaining the process.

Q: I have a refill on a medication I obtained through a non CVS Pharmacy. Do I need to go to a CVS Pharmacy or do anything different to have it refilled?

A: Your refill information will be maintained by the retail pharmacy in which you originally filled the script.  You may refill that script at the same pharmacy or choose to have it transferred to another pharmacy in our network of more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide, including chain pharmacies, 20,000 independent pharmacies and 9,600 CVS Pharmacy locations (including those inside Target stores). Regardless of which pharmacy you choose to refill your script, when refilling on or after August 1, 2017 you will need to present your new medical ID card.

Q: How can I check that my current pharmacy is in the CVS Caremark Retail Pharmacy Network?
 You can visit You can also call Customer Care toll-free at 1-844-379-1671.

Q: How can I find out how much my cost is going to be?
You can find out the cost of your drugs by visiting or by calling Customer Care at 1-844-379-1671. 

Q: What if I want to speak with a pharmacist?
You can speak to a pharmacist 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling Customer Care toll-free at 1-844-379-1671. When you call, you may be asked several questions to verify your identification.


**For more information please contact your Local Union Benefit Representative**


Congratulations to our GM members at Locals 598, 2209, and 5960 for earning top J.D. Power Awards!

J.D. Power Names Fort Wayne Assembly Highest Quality in the Americas:

General Motors Fort Wayne Truck Assembly plant earned the prestigious J.D. Power Gold Plant Quality Award and was recognized as delivering the highest-ranked automotive manufacturing quality in the Americas in 2017. The Chevrolet Silverado, Silverado HD and GMC Sierra and Sierra HD are produced at Fort Wayne Assembly.

“Our team builds the most exceptional full-size trucks in the business, assembling each vehicle as if it were our very own,” said Michael Thomas, Fort Wayne Assembly plant manager. “The men and women at Fort Wayne Assembly put the customer at the center of everything they do. Our customers can be assured that they have invested in a truck that will both delight and safely transport them and their loved ones for years.”

In addition to the plant quality award, the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado and Silverado HD earned Initial Quality segment awards. This marks the third consecutive year for Silverado and second consecutive year for Silverado HD.


GM Wins Four Segment Awards:

GM also won four vehicle awards, the second most of any corporation (tied with BMW). GM’s models received four segment awards for the Chevrolet Sonic built in Lake Orion, MI by members of Local 5960 and the Chevrolet Light and Heavy-Duty Pick-ups built in Flint, MI and Fort Wayne, IN by Local 598 and 2209 members.


In addition to those prestigious awards GM also has 11 models in the top ranking with Buick and Chevrolet both ranked in the top 10 in this year’s J.D. Power in the 2017 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study.


Congratulation’s to all our UAW-GM members and parts and components suppliers that helped contribute to this. Again our members have shown that are always committed to building high quality and dependable vehicles!

Important Apprenticeship Application Dates for GM Members


APPLICATION OPENS: 12:01 am EDT Friday, June 23, 2017

APPLICATION CLOSES: Midnight EDT Friday, June 30, 2017


The UAW / GM skilled trades include occupations in the following areas; Electrical, Mechanical and Engineering / Die Making trades.  More information on the trades is available during the application process.

As with all US-DOL registered apprenticeship training programs, the apprentice will enroll in, and complete required classroom training curriculum outlined by their local joint apprentice committee. To complete the apprenticeship requires approximately four (4) years of on the job training along with classroom courses. The blend of on the job training and classroom will vary by trade.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for consideration, you must complete your application by Midnight EDT, Friday, June 30, 2017. NO Applications will be considered after this date. You must complete all steps in the application and receive a confirmation message to be considered.


  1. You must be an active GM member (i.e., permanent, temporary, flex) to apply. Not everyone will be tested. National Parties will determine who is invited based on a random drawing.
  2. If you previously applied AND tested, you DO NOT need to reapply, but may revisit your existing application to update your locations.
  3. If you never tested, you must complete a NEW application. (Existing applications without test scores will be deleted).
  4. If you tested BEFORE 2016 and DID NOT apply, you must complete a NEW application
  5. Seniority GM Employees are eligible to test two times. The higher test score will be used.
  6. Non-seniority applicants are eligible to test ONLY once.
  7. ALL parts of the application must be completed to be considered:
  • Contact information
  • Basic qualifications
  • Review Apprentice Preview website and answer knowledge check questions
  • Additional information (e.g. education, experience)

You will receive an online confirmation message upon successful completion.

  1. Do NOT complete application on mobile / cell phone.
  2. Not everyone will interview. A limited number of applicants who meet the test threshold will be selected for interview.


To create or update your application go to: