The Real Deal on Appendix “A” Transfer Rights

The purpose of this communication is to address some of the discussions around the Appendix “A” transfer process contained within the current 2011 UAW-GM National Agreement.  There have been numerous postings on social media which are simply not accurate. Therefore, we will summarize how the process works as well as some specific events which have occurred.

Appendix A:

The process begins when a facility identifies a need for people. The joint parties submit a REQUISITION for manpower to Senior GM manufacturing leadership.

Once the Requisition is approved, it is sent to the National Employee Placement Center (NEPC) for processing.

Once received, the NEPC runs a Roster which is comprised of all eligible members who have made application for that facility.

Finally, the NEPC simply simply follows the flowchart found in the 2011 UAW-GM National Agreement on page #201 and extends job offers to the most senior eligible applicants.

Examples of Specific Placement activity currently misunderstood on Social Media:

Spring Hill:

The events surrounding the near closure of the Spring Hill Manufacturing Site had tremendous impact on our members. It is very important to understand the events which occurred to this location as well as what has been done thus far to return our members closer to home.

During the 2009 timeframe, General Motors made a corporate decision consistent with their authority under Paragraph 8 of the National Agreement and decided to move the production of the Chevrolet Traverse from Spring Hill to Lansing Delta.

The International UAW negotiated a Paragraph 96 move which allowed 485 members (435 Production, 50 Skilled Trades) to follow the product to LDT and retain employment.  There were also an additional 301 members (298 Production, 3 Skilled Trades) who chose to accept transfer to several other locations around the country.

Additionally, there were a number of members who chose not to transfer and consistent with the National Agreement retained recall rights to Spring Hill.

During 2011 Bargaining, the UAW successfully negotiated product allocations for Spring Hill and quite frankly, saved the entire facility from closure. We convinced the company to deviate from the Flex/Core staffing agreement and recalled 343 people back to Spring Hill. Keep in mind, it was the Flex/Core agreement which made it possible for Spring Hill to win the Chevrolet Equinox work from Canada and the all new Cadillac SRX work from Mexico.

Next, we worked with GM to move an additional 293 former Spring Hill Members to the Corvette assembly facility in Bowling Green, KY. We fully understand, Bowling Green is not their home, however, all people must clearly understand, you cannot move people into locations where there are no openings.  To date, the International UAW has successfully convinced GM to move 636 of our hardworking members home, or at least as close as possible.

Finally, please understand, we know we still have members who are working in locations which are not their homes. We are still negotiating with the company on this topic and sincerely hope to reach an agreement  which meets the needs of our displaced membership.

Lake Orion:

Recently, there have been several Appendix “A” transfer situations which has included Lake Orion, Flint, Saginaw, and Lansing Delta. In each of these events, the flowchart on page #201 of the National Agreement was followed.

Saginaw Metal Casting Operations submitted a requisition for 50 people. All 50 of those openings were filled by seniority members from Lake Orion. Here are the events which occurred.

Lake Orion began a line-speed decrease which resulted in a reduction of workforce. This caused Lake Orion to be placed in the category of a plant with excess employees. Following the flowchart, the job offers were made to eligible members at that facility who applied for Saginaw, in seniority order, Highest Seniority first.

The next event was a requisition of 50 people submitted by Flint Assembly. Once again, the flowchart on page #201 was followed. These openings were filled by 41 members from Lake Orion and 9 members from Lansing Delta Township.

As in the previous event , Lake Orion was a plant with excess members, the NEPC followed the agreement and made job offers to the Highest Eligible Seniority members with application for Flint Assembly.

We recommend when questions arise on these or any other contractual matters, contact your local union leadership. We are confident they will take the time to investigate and explain the situation. Furthermore, as always, the International UAW Staff in each Region and the National Departments are willing to help with any situation that arises.Wheel


  1. Joyce Connolly · October 19, 2015

    I was wondering why and how long the “freeze” on CCA transfers will last?
    My facility closed in Columbus Ohio- and I have been on the NEPC for over 6 years to transfer to the Cincinnati area.
    No it’s not home but it is much closer then where I am currently.
    The location I have in for has hired off of the streets over and over and all I can do is watch and pray.
    Thank you for any information you can provide.


  2. blake · October 20, 2015

    I think it is very interesting that with the lake Orion moves you choose to be a plant if excess even though it was in process employees laid off while at Lansing grand river had that situation they where not allowed to be a plant if excess. And also not allowed to have their traditional employees the opportunity to transfer to not only closer plants but plants they had transfers into, but instead jumped lower seniority employees to a plant they had chosen. Also in the past the uaw and gm have sent members out of area to place them instead of laying them off. Example forcing employees from lake Orion to lordstown. But instead when lake Orion is laying people off you send the higher seniority to other locations while Lansing grand river assembly hires approximately 450 people. These are the problems that the uaw is not addressing and when questioned are responding with “you don’t know what you are talking about”. Or my favorite line was “guess you got screwed dont know what to tell you”. So if you can address these issues that would be great. Waiting for your response in solidarity. Blake


  3. Charles highlander · October 20, 2015

    What about us returning to spo,s to be closer to home,,,,,


  4. uawgmtalks · October 20, 2015

    Hey Charles, thanks for taking the time to voice your concern about this important issue, Currently only CCA employees are eligible for production openings at CCA sites. We hear you and wanted to let you know that all transfer rights are a subject of the national negotiations currently underway.


  5. uawgmtalks · October 20, 2015

    Sister Joyce, we appreciate you reaching out to us for information about CCA transfers. Currently only CCA employees are eligible for production openings at CCA sites. All transfer rights are a subject of the national negotiations currently underway but we wanted to let you know that all member issues are important to us.


  6. Joyce Connolly · October 20, 2015

    Thank you for responding back- I forgot to mention that I am a CCA employee trying to transfer to a CCA facility. ( I have 17 years seniority and I’m am a “traditional ” employee)
    In Solidarity,


  7. Joyce Connolly · October 20, 2015

    Charles are you currently a SPO employee?


  8. Jeff Stovall · October 21, 2015

    I have a transfer in for Lansing Delta Township, they had a rec in for multiple Millwrights, so why did my local say I am not eligible, but Machine Repair from Flint can transfer as JIT Millwright before a Journeyman Millwright?


  9. uawgmtalks · October 21, 2015

    Hey Jeff, For a Skilled Tradesperson to be eligible to transfer under Appendix A the plant must identify that trade as being in excess. A plant may declare one trade in excess but not another. The NEPC relies on the information provided from plant management when making offers to fill a requisition. If there is not available matching tradespersons the NEPC has offered non matching tradespersons an offer to retrain before hiring off the street. These efforts are made as a result of the UAW demanding that the company provide skilled members that would otherwise be laid off or working production an opportunity to return or remain on skilled trades. Hope this helps.


  10. uawgmtalks · October 21, 2015

    You are welcome Joyce.


  11. Kevin Crain · October 21, 2015

    I’m a cca employee who was displaced during the bankruptcy. Those of us who transferred were told that if we stay in the parts division, we could transfer to other parts facilities with no problems. What’s the holdup with parts-parts transfers? I’m a tier 1/traditional employee and fulfilled my 3 year obligation at Chicago cca back in 2012, just trying to get to another cca. Even if it’s at my own expense. How is this hurting GM? They pay me the same whether I’m at Chicago cca or Fort Worth cca. Any help would be appreciated.
    In solidarity,
    Kevin Crain


  12. uawgmtalks · October 21, 2015

    Hello Blake,
    Thank you for your comments and concerns, the International UAW takes them very seriously.
    However, first of all please recognize the UAW does not “choose” to classify a plant as in excess or not in excess. Only GM has the ability to make that decision. Your example of LGR highlights one of the serious challenges we face…please allow me to explain.
    The UAW interprets the 2011 National Agreement, Appendix “A” language as any seniority member on indefinite layoff should cause a facility to be classified as in excess. The company believes this language only applies to traditional employees. We clearly understand the confusion this can cause.
    In your LGR example, you are exactly right. GM acknowledged LGR as a plant with excess to allow 9 active LGR members to transfer to positions at LDT. However, the company would not view it as excess for the positions in Flint. Again, the International UAW shares your frustration with the company’s inconsistent application of language and we are attempting to address this issue during this round of National Bargaining.


  13. uawgmtalks · October 21, 2015

    The placement process can sometimes be very complicated and we understand it can also be frustrating. Once you have exhausted the resources at the local level feel free to contact the UAW representatives in the National Placement Department at 313-324-5000 for assistance in resolving your issues.


  14. Jeff Stovall · October 22, 2015

    I was told by my local that CHR made the final decision on who was eligible for transfers.


  15. Sabrina Jones · October 24, 2015

    Why are traditional employee not allowed to transfer to Spring Hill?


  16. uawgmtalks · October 24, 2015

    Traditional employees are allowed to transfer under Appendix A of the 2011 national agreement to Spring Hill assembly plant. Since the announcement of the reopening of Spring Hill there have been no requisitions for production manpower to NEPC or the UAW. In order for any member to have the opportunity to transfer there must be an opening at that facility. To present date there have have been zero openings.


  17. Jason S · October 25, 2015

    Hello GmUawTalks. I have A question I haven’t heard much information on. I’m now a 2 tier employee @ Fairfax KS But I started my GM career @ Lcc In Lansing In 2003. Did the 89 days to hire quite a few times then the plant closed. Then got offered a referral to Dham did the 89 Days to hire there a few times to never get hired. Now I’m hired in down in Kansas as a 2 tier and hear that Dham is needing 1200 employees. Do u know if there will ever be a provision fought for to get 2 tier Transfer Right Seniority Willing?? Thanks for you time & efforts. Hope everyone gets closer to Home.. In Solidarity!


  18. uawgmtalks · October 25, 2015

    There was a demand submitted to improve the transfer rights of Tier 2 members.


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