Yesterday after I held a conference call with UAW-GM local leadership the International Union, UAW’s International Executive Board met to discuss the ratification results for the tentative National Agreement recently negotiated with General Motors LLC.

As previously noted, while the majority of the entire UAW-GM membership voted in favor of the tentative agreement by a 55.4 to 44.6 percent margin, the skilled trades membership voted against ratification.

Beginning late last week following receipt of these ratification results, meetings were held with the UAW skilled trades membership at each GM work site in order to determine the issues for their rejection of the tentative agreement. These issues were then presented to the UAW-GM and UAW National Skilled Trades Departments for review.

As a result of the IEB meeting, it has been determined, with my recommendation, that further discussion with the company was needed to clarify and address these issues.

We continue to meet with the company and will keep you updated as we work through the process. I realize this has been a long and difficult process but it is important we address these important issues raised by the skilled trades.  The strength of our union is our process and the solidarity we exercise with our brother and sisters who work in the trades.

The UAW and GM have agreed to extend the current 2011 National Agreement until November 20, 2015 which is the new deadline for ratification of the tentative National Agreement. Even though we have exhausted all holidays under the current agreement, this extension will cover Monday, November 16th as a paid holiday.

As always, I thank you for your support and patience.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Estrada
UAW Vice President and Director
General Motors Department



  1. Kevin · November 14, 2015

    Will we be getting back pay once the contract is ratified from the time our contract was to be ended? Everyone would have already gotten a raise and made more money for weeks now yet here we still sit.


  2. uawgmtalks · November 19, 2015

    Yes. Raises will be retroactive to Sept 15th. You can find this language on page 411 of the White Book.


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