Legal Services, Special Transfer Process and PSP Updates

Legal Services Update

Efforts continue to restart the Legal Services benefit.  Since the new benefit will be funded and administered as a Taft-Hartley Trust there are IRS guidelines and filings that must take place prior to accepting any new cases.  Members will be notified when the new Legal Services benefit becomes available.

Special Transfer Process Update

Following ratification of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement, the International UAW began implementation of the Appendix A Special Transfer Process (commonly known as “Go Home”).

The “Go Home” process is designed to create opportunities for our members who were displaced from their home locations, through no fault of their own, due to the catastrophic events surrounding the General Motors bankruptcy.

Eligible members received a mailing, which surveyed their interest in participation in the program, and the response is as follows;

Members Surveyed                                   1179

Members Interested                                  423

Job Offers Extended thru 1/8/16             240

Accepted                                                      165

Declined                                                        75

It’s important to note, job offers can only be extended to a facility when that location has an open requisition for manpower.

During implementation of this agreement, the International UAW has discovered a number of members which GM failed to mail surveys, which prevented them from being able to express interest in this program. The UAW Staff will continue to meet with the Company to correct this issue and ensure all eligible members are allowed to participate in this important program.

Personal Savings Plan

The Annual Personal Savings Plan New Year flyer will be coming soon.  The flyer will include changes to the PSP that were negotiated during the 2015 National Bargaining as well as the 529 College Savings Plan information.

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