Ground Effects Dearborn, MI Campaign Update

Campaign Update

Ground Effects Dearborn, MI workers had over 80% of union support in July 2015 on authorization cards and public support in order to form their union with the UAW. The company hired 5 union busters that used fear, intimidation and bribery. The company used these tactics in order to convince the workers that they didn’t need union representation. During this process Ground Effects violated the workers federal protected rights by committing several unfair labor practices right before the election date of July 8th, 2015.


The workers lost the election by one vote. The NLRB overturned the election in December of 2015 due to the company’s objectionable conduct during the unions organizing drive. Since then the company has committed a numerous amount of additional unfair labor practice charges, up to and including discharging workers for supporting the formation of their union.


Ground Effects provides spray in bed liners for the Ford F-150 that’s produced at the Dearborn Ford Rouge Complex.


The company has a long list of major health and safety violations. Ground Effects is currently exposing their workers to an extremely harmful chemical called ISOCYANATE. ISOCYANATE is known to cause severe asthma, nervous system damage, cancer and also known to compromises the immune system. Workers are not provided adequate ventilation or proper protective equipment when they are exposed to the isocyanates truck bed lining material. The workers are starting to experience health issues due to their exposure to this very harmful chemical.


An Injustice for one worker is an injustice for all workers.