GM-UAW Apprenticeship Program Eligibility and Application Clarifications

Apprenticeship Announcement: 

The UAW/GM skilled trades include occupations in the following areas; Electrical, Mechanical and Engineering / Die Making trades.  Each trade is unique and important to the overall success of our operation and can be achieved by completing the Apprenticeship for the trade desired.

As with all US-DOL registered apprenticeship training programs, the apprentice will enroll in, and complete required classroom training curriculum outlined by their local joint apprentice committee. To complete the apprenticeship requires approximately four (4) years of on the job training along with classroom courses. The blend of on the job training and classroom will vary by trade.

To be eligible for consideration, you must be a permanent UAW / GM employee and must complete your application by Midnight, April 15, 2016. NO Applications will be considered after this date. To submit your application go to:


  • Seniority Candidates
    • All seniority candidates will be eligible to test a maximum of two (2) times; Candidates will have to wait at least one (1) year between testing cycles to retest.
    • General Motors Salaried personnel are considered permanent employees and may participate as Seniority candidate in the Apprenticeship selection process.
    • Permanent Employees who have established seniority that are in layoff status may participate in the Apprentice selection process.
  • Non-Seniority Candidates
    • All non-seniority candidates will be eligible to test a maximum of once, commencing August 1, 2008.
    • Non seniority candidates will not be solicited for apprenticeship testing until it is determined by the GM-UAW National Skilled Trades and Apprentice Committee that an acceptable number of internal/seniority/permanent candidates cannot meet selection criteria for placement opportunities.
    • Contract employees from facilities maintenance groups and other outside firms are considered outside candidates for the purposes of Apprentice Eligibility and selection.
  • The GM-UAW National Skilled Trades and Apprentice Committee will determine when and where testing will be required.
    • Must be an eligible seniority/permanent candidate on or before the date the test is to take place in order to be eligible to sit for the test during those periods when selection is open only to internal candidates.
  • Every seniority candidate that has taken the apprenticeship test since August 1, 2008 and achieved a passing score MUST go-online and complete the application and orientation process.
    • Without the creation of the on-line profile through the orientation process the DDI system will have no means of established contact with the candidate to schedule interviews or notify of apprenticeship placement.
  • After successful completion of the online orientation and screening:
    • Eligible Seniority candidates will be invited to schedule for testing.
    • If necessary, Non-Seniority candidates will be randomly drawn based on hiring objectives and invited to schedule for testing.
  • A communication will be extended electronically to a candidate’s email address of record
    • The date, time and location of testing will be identified, along with the requirement to bring photo identification.
    • Candidates will be reminded that the use of any personal materials, and/or any form of electronic devices will not be allowed (Failure to comply will result in being expelled from the testing session).
  • Non-seniority employees (temps/flex) that have GMIN and GMID may enter an application into the system and complete the orientation process even though they are not currently eligible for testing as an external candidate.
  • Non-seniority candidates will be identified, and will not receive an e-mail of notification of a test date and location.
  • Once/if, we need to go to external candidates, or if the candidate is moved to seniority/permanent status and becomes eligible to take the Apprenticeship test, the application/orientation profile will then be used.
  • The Local Apprentice Committee must notify the National Parties, who will in turn notify DDI of any of the candidates that are moved from temporary to permanent status and have also created a profile.