Dependent Eligibility Audits

General Motors is conducting a Dependent Eligibility Audit to ensure that only eligible dependents are covered under GM Health Care, or listed as eligible whether currently enrolled or not.

Dependent Eligibility Audit – Amnesty Period

We are starting immediately with the Amnesty Period, which allows participants to:

  • Voluntarily report non-eligible dependents, and
  • Reporting a non-eligible dependent by May 13, 2016, will relieve participants from providing proof that their dependent remains eligible for GM Health Care.

Here Is What to Do: If you are aware that you have a dependent listed on your GM Health Care who is not eligible:

  • Contact the GM Benefits & Services Center toll-free at 800-489-4646 (TTY: 877-347-5225)
  • Customer Service Associates are available Monday through Friday (excluding all New York Stock Exchange holidays except Good Friday), from 7:30 m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Ineligible dependents will be removed from your coverage. If not currently covered on your GM Health Care, they will be removed from future eligibility.
  • If you call by May 13, 2016, you will not be included in the upcoming Dependent Audit.

Dependent Eligibility Audit – After the Amnesty Period

If you have a dependent (even if not currently enrolled in GM Health Care), you will receive correspondence from HMS Employer Services, Inc. (HMS), the independent vendor and audit expert selected by GM. These letters will detail the steps and documentation required to retain eligibility for your listed dependents.

  • June 1, 2016: On or around this date, you will receive an audit notice from HMS that will require you to provide proof of eligibility for your dependents.
    • Documentation requirements will include either a copy of your most recently filed federal tax return, bank statement, or utility bill on which both you and your spouse’s names appear.
    • You will be provided details on how to submit documentation securely and easily by web upload, mail, or fax.
  • July 18, 2016: Your audit documentation materials will be due to HMS.
    • Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation receipt from HMS of your completed audit.
    • Failure to complete the audit will automatically result in your dependents, if applicable, being removed from your account and coverage.

It is important for you to know that HMS Employer Services, Inc. and GM are committed to protecting your private information. The documents are used solely to verify dependent eligibility so that only those who are eligible for coverage under the terms of GM’s Health Care are listed on your account. Further details regarding privacy and security will be provided in the letter from HMS.

If you have any questions on the dependent audit or eligibility, please call the GM Benefits & Services Center at 800-489-4646.

Covering ineligible dependents is a violation of eligibility guidelines and adds cost that you and GM share. We appreciate your participation in the audit and assistance in controlling the cost of your health care benefits.


GM Benefits & Services Center