UAW Vice-President Cindy Estrada visits two Michigan UAW-GM Assembly Plants

Recently UAW Vice-President and Director of the General Motors Department, Cindy Estrada visited UAW Local 598 GM Flint Assembly and UAW Local 22 GM Detroit Hamtramck Assembly. These visits are a continuing effort by Vice-President Estrada to see the GM facilities in the US and meet the UAW members that work at those plants.

On April 29th Cindy was joined by UAW Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem when they were greeted by the Leadership of UAW Local 598 at GM Flint Assembly. Cindy and Gerald spent time discussing the issues that we as trade unionist face today and the issues and concerns of the membership. While in Flint Cindy and Gerald were given a tour of the plant. During one of the stops in General Assembly the group got to meet a couple from Florida who were in the plant to see their new truck being built. In the afternoon the Local 598 Leadership showed off the new $600 million paint shop that is currently being launched. There the launch team explained to Cindy and Gerald how they are implementing the Global Manufacturing System into the new facility.

On May 11th Vice-President Estrada and Regional Director Karim returned to Local 598 for the ground breaking ceremony of the new $877 million Body Shop. The new structure will be erected between the Assembly Plant and the UAW Local 659 GM Flint Metal Center.

UAW Region 1 Director Chuck Hall accompanied Cindy during a visit at GM Detroit Hamtramck Assembly on May 12th. UAW Local 22 Leadership from the four separate bargaining units spent time with Cindy and Chuck talking about current issues and the challenges facing the membership. During the discussions Vice-President Estrada stressed the importance of everyone’s responsibility to assist in the upcoming elections. Cindy explained that as trade unionist we have an obligation to support those candidates that will support the issues concerning working people.

During lunch with the key four Cindy and Chuck were given a presentation on the newly developed plant communication program called “Chasing Perfection”. The program displays a video containing pertinent information and business results 2-3 times each week. The Vice President commented on the importance of communicating information to the membership via means they are using.  After lunch Cindy and Chuck were given a tour of the facility that builds the Chevrolet Impala and Volt, the Buick Lacrosse and the Cadillac CT6. In the Body Shop the group got the opportunity to speak to several UAW Local 22 members who use many new technologies to build the new Cadillac CT6. The final stop of the tour was in the Quality Audit area where the new CT6 was displayed and Cindy and Chuck again got to converse with additional members of the local union.

Overall Vice President Estrada and the Regional Directors have been impressed with passion and dedication the members of the UAW display during their visits to the UAW GM locations.

Apprenticeship Program Update

Apprenticeship testing will begin

The application period for the apprenticeship program closed on April 15, 2016, and there were 4,042 applicants who completed the on-line orientation during this process.

Apprenticeship program testing will begin the week of June 6th 2016 and will progress very quickly, please keep an eye out a make the proper response of any incoming e-mails regarding your status.

Your Notification

Eligible candidates with completed applications will receive a receipt e-mail of their testing location and available times.

YOU MUST respond to this e-mail with your preferences, failure to respond will be considered a self-removal from the process.

No test scheduling e-mails will be sent to candidates who have submitted an incomplete or disqualifying application.

Temp and Flex Employees:

Temporary and Flex employees that have completed the application process, but are not permanent employees are not currently eligible to take the apprenticeship test.

If you become a permanent employee on or before the day a test is offered you would be eligible to sit for the test.

Be sure to make contact with your local apprenticeship committee if there are any changes to your flex/temp status.

No test scheduling e-mails will be sent to candidates who are currently in flex or temporary employee status.

On test day:

You must present a valid General Motors Photo identification and another form of government issued photo identification.

You must provide a copy of your High School Diploma, GED Certificate or other certified means of high school completion.

No-Shows or Late Shows will be considered a self-disqualification form the testing procedures. (extenuating circumstances may be petitioned to the National Parties)

No cell phones, calculators, or other electronic means of communication are permitted in testing rooms.

Failure to meet any of the above will result in being disqualified from the current round of testing.

Any questions on the Apprenticeship testing procedures should be directed to the National Apprentice Committee through their joint e-mail account or your Local Apprentice Committee.