Preventing Workout Injuries

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter the level of fitness or experience level. Even walking can cause an injury. The following workout precautions can significantly cut your risk of getting hurt  .

Common Workout Injuries

People hurt themselves in all kinds of ways when they work out. Common workout injuries include:

  • muscle pull and strain
  • sprained ankle
  • shoulder injury
  • knee injuries
  • shin splint
  • Tendinitis
  • wrist sprain or dislocation

Preventing Workout Injuries

Here are guidelines for avoiding injuries during a workout:

Warm-up and cool-down. Every workout should begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. A warm-up helps the body get ready for exercise. It gradually increases heart rate and loosens muscles and joints. Some ways to warm up:

  • ride an exercise bike
  • jump rope
  • jog in place for 5 to 10 minutes

A cool-down after a work out is important to slowly bring down the heart rate. Walking for 5 to 10 minutes after a workout is one way to cool down.

Stretch. Do dynamic stretching before and after a workout. This will help increase flexibility. It’s best to stretch after you warm up and cool down.

Ease into it. When beginning an exercise routine or starting a new workout program, start slowly. Gradually build up the intensity, duration, and frequency.

Don’t push too hard. As fitness abilities increase,  you can increase the challenge.

Cross-train. Vary the workout. Don’t overuse one set of muscles. Repeating the same muscle movements frequently can lead to overuse and repetitive-use injuries such as shin splints and tendinitis.

Would you like more information on starting a fitness program?  Try taking the Begin a Simple and Healthy Fitness Program course on  Source: WebMD.

Global Workplace Safety

To the GM Global Team:

Tragically, earlier this year, we lost two GM team members to work site fatalities. Since January 2014, we have had seven fatalities at GM sites. Each of these people had families, friends and colleagues who counted on them. Fatalities are unacceptable, and it is all of our responsibility to prevent them.

To assess our current status, to determine the path to an improved Health & Safety practice and to prevent future fatalities, we hired an external Safety Review Team (SRT) to take a hard look at GM’s workplace safety program and our safety culture. The SRT members are experts who routinely advise a wide range of companies in multiple industries on workplace safety oversight and performance.

The SRT recently completed its work and reported its findings and recommendations. The proposed actions include steps to improve:

*   GM’s workplace safety leadership and culture
*   The implementation of our Global Safety Management System (SMS)
*   The measurement of our safety performance

In the coming weeks and months, a cross-functional team will implement the SRT’s recommendations. I’ve asked Mike Trevorrow, our newly appointed vice president of Global Workplace Safety, to lead this effort and report on the progress to me and to the GM Board of Directors. This is very important work, so I have asked Mike to report directly to me. He will also report indirectly to Alicia Boler-Davis, and remain a member of her Manufacturing leadership team.

While most of the findings focused on manufacturing operations, we intend to apply the learnings across GM at every facility and office. Every one of us — in every GM business unit and function around the globe — has a role in achieving workplace safety excellence. It’s vitally important to our teams…and our families.

Many of you work in our manufacturing locations, and you can expect these changes to become a part of the Global SMS. Also, you may notice GM Global Safety professionals and site safety representatives will be spending more time on the shop floor (at all our sites, both manufacturing and non-manufacturing) to help identify potential hazards and encourage good safety practices.

We all need to be more aware of workplace safety performance and our role in creating the right safety culture. We should speak up when we observe a hazard or something that is not right. Please continue to report injuries and share ideas for improvement, through your local safety procedures, Speak Up For Safety, or through other channels. We must have the courage to coach our co-workers when we see them doing something that may not be safe. Finally, we should praise people when they demonstrate safety excellence.

I ask all of you to live and demonstrate the values and behaviors that return our team members home safely every day. I also am asking that every GM employee and contractor commit to being a leader in workplace safety. Safety is personal and we must own it.

Apprenticeship Program Update

UAW-GM Apprenticeship Program Testing 2016

  1. A total of 1,150 candidates have been tested through June 20, 2016 (Arlington, Lansing, Flint, Metro Detroit and day 1 of Wentzville).
  1. Testing in larger locations is yet to be conducted or the results are not available.
Bowling Green, Spring Hill Spring Hill Saturday, June 25, 2016
Sunday, June 26, 2016
Defiance, Toledo PT Toledo Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Westchester & Cincinnati Westchester Wednesday, June 23, 2016
  1. 301 candidates were no shows at test locations-
    • A no-show indicates that the candidate did schedule a test session when an e-mail was received and failed to show for a test session that was self-scheduled. A no-show counts as a ‘0’ and uses up one of their two available testing opportunities.
  1. Testing of CCA locations-DDI has provided the following information regarding plans for apprentice testing
CCA Number to test Scheduled date
Charlotte, NC 9 TBD
Denver, CO 1 Week of June 27
Hudson WI 1 TBD
Jackson, MS 6 Next two weeks
Memphis, TN 2 Next two weeks
Reno, NV 2 TBD


Skilled Members Working in Production and “Go Home”

Below are the results to the skilled trade survey letters that were mailed out earlier this year.

  • 533 employees received a survey.
  • 259 responded to the survey of which 6 indicated they wanted to remain in production.
  • To date, 6 offers have been made and 4 have accepted those offers

The UAW-GM Department has made it a priority to return displaced members, as a result of a plant closing or idling, back to their former area when they are eligible to apply to do so. As this effort pertains to skilled trades we have realized some success but we still have work to do.

General Motors continues to have skilled trade vacancies at many of the UAW-GM locations. Not only is there an immediate need to fill attrition and the “Required to Run” requirements at these locations but also the need to backfill members that desire a transfer. In some areas there remains available skilled tradespersons working production that can be placed to fill these openings but in many others the company is having difficulty filling these openings.

In addition to following Appendix A of the UAW-GM National Agreement and placing Journeypersons in Training the UAW-GM Department has had some success in getting the company to allow skilled trade members to transfer into these openings when there is no backfill available by hiring a qualified new hire replacement..

Unfortunately in some of the locations there are no available back fills through Appendix A or qualified new hires. The company has tested candidates in many of these areas but have yet to yield enough qualified applicants to honor transfer requests. We continue to have extensive discussions on this problem and look for any possible solutions to fill this immediate need for qualified electricians at all of the sites.

Again, we will continue to do all we can to get members an opportunity to return home as soon as possible.

Pay Card Vendor Change

General Motors has notified the UAW that they are changing vendors for pay card processing from Citibank cards to ADP Aline cards.  This is merely a vendor change; members currently enrolled in the Citi Bank pay card for their net pay will receive new cards in July but should experience no change in how they use the new cards or how the new cards work.

Any remaining balance that members may have on their Citi pay card will not be transferred to the new ADP Aline card.  Members will continue to have access to their Citi pay card funds until the card reaches a zero balance.

Beginning July 1st, 2016, GM will send the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) to existing pay card holders via US mail.

Beginning the week of July 25th, 2016, they will begin mailing the new pay cards to existing pay card holders, along with a “Welcome Kit”.  The plants will receive posters to display to help communicate the transition.

GM’s timeline for the vendor change is as follows:

07/01/2016 – 1st mailing to Citi pay card holders announcing the transition

07/15/2016 – Go Live with instant issue pay cards

07/25/2016 – Begin mailing permanent ADP pay cards and Welcome kits to

members’ home addresses


08/01/2016 – 2nd mailing to Citi pay card holders announcing the transition and

requesting members to please notify GM if they have not

received their new card

08/08/2016 – Post communication on the Hourly Communication Channel

08/12/2016 – Go Live with new ADP permanent pay cards.

Pay Card holders need to watch their mail for these important mailings. If you have any questions please contact your Local Union.

UAW-GM Performance Bonus, Special Transfer Process Update and National Agreements

UAW GM Performance Bonus Lump Sum Payment

Per the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement, GM will include the Performance Bonus Lump Sum Payment [Paragraph 99(a)] in eligible members’ pay distributed June 10, 2016.

Members who were active, on FMLA or temporary layoff on 5/15/2016, or went on a qualifying Leave of Absence within 90 days of 5/15/2016, are defined as eligible.   Such eligible members shall receive a Lump Sum payment of $1,000.

Otherwise eligible members who retired or passed away during the twelve (12) month period prior to 5/15/2016 may be eligible for a partial payment (Paragraph (99) (b)) in accordance with the following table:

Weeks Worked                                                Amount of Payment

13 weeks but less than 26 weeks worked                   $250

26 weeks but less than 39 weeks worked                   $500

39 weeks or more worked                                                $750

Per the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), eligible members that were paid overtime during the qualifying year will receive an additional $0.20 per hour for all premium (time and one half or double time) hours paid.  This additional payment will be included in members’ pay distributed June 17, 2016.  (Example – Eligible member was paid a total of 400 premium hours (time and one half or double time) in qualifying year = 400 X $0.20 = $80.00 additional payment in pay distributed June 17, 2016.)


Special Transfer Process Update

Following Ratification of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement the International UAW began implementation of the Appendix A Special Transfer Process (commonly known as “Go Home”).

The “Go Home” process was designed to create opportunities for our members who were displaced from their home locations, through at no fault of their own, due to the catastrophic events surrounding the General Motors bankruptcy.

There were 1,179 eligible members that received a survey to express interest in the “Go Home” process. Of those surveyed, 489 members responded and as of today 481 job offers to “Go Home” have been extended to those members. Of the 481 job offers made 355 were accepted and 126 members declined the offer.

The UAW-GM Department Staff will continue to work with the company to follow the provisions of Appendix A when locations submit requisitions for manpower.


UAW-GM National Agreements

The International Union UAW-GM Department Staff and the General Motors Company Labor Relations Staff have completed the proof reading process of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreements. The new contract books are currently being printed and will be shipped to the local unions starting the week of June 20, 2016.

2016 Vacation Shutdown

Supplemental Information Regarding 2016 Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks Schedule



Employee pay (EFT or paycard) for the PVSW will be provided as normal payrolls for the week(s).


Waiver of Pay


VE pay can be waived for the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s).  If an employee wants to waive pay for approved time off, the employee must submit the “Waiver of Vacation Time Off Payment” card at least two days in advance of the scheduled time off and it must be for the entire period of approved time off.  If ATO is credited to an employee and later used, the employee may request to waive pay in the same manner as described above by submitting the “Waiver of Vacation Time Off Payment” card. The plant should then input the appropriate absence code (VP, VR, VN, VX, or X) in the advance absence scheduling module of either GMTKS or Kronos.




For plants that are not operating and a discipline occurs prior to a PVSW, and would otherwise extend into a PVSW time period, the disciplinary period will stop during the entire period of the shutdown and will resume when the plant resumes operation following the shutdown period.


Vacation Use for Members with 100 Hours or Less VE


Members entitled to 40 hours of vacation entitlement may choose either to use such hours or be placed on an unpaid vacation leave during the PVSW.


Members entitled to 80 hours of vacation entitlement pursuant to Par. 191 will apply eight (8) hours of such entitlement to each day of the first week (less any holidays) of any scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown period.  Thereafter, they may choose to utilize their remaining vacation entitlement or be placed on an unpaid vacation leave during the second week of such scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown.


Members entitled to 100 hours of vacation entitlement pursuant to Par. 191 will apply 40 hours of their entitlement to the first week (less any holidays) and 20 hours to the first two and one half days of any second week of such scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown period.  Thereafter, they may choose to utilize their remaining vacation entitlement or be placed on an unpaid vacation leave for the remainder of the second week of such scheduled Vacation Shutdown period.

Members on an unpaid vacation leave will not be eligible for SUB/SWW.  Eligibility for state unemployment benefits will be determined by applicable state law.


Short Term Military Leave / Bereavement / Jury Duty


Members on Short Term Military Leave, Bereavement, or Jury Duty during a PVSW:


-Those who are not scheduled to work will not be required to utilize VE on those days.

-Those who are scheduled to work will be handled in the normal manner.


7 Day Operators


7-Day Operators will be neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as a result of scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.


Alternative Work Schedules


Members on alternative work schedules will be neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as a result of scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.


Skilled Trades – Subcontracting


The scheduling of Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks does not relieve management of its obligations under the subcontracting provisions of the GM-UAW National Agreement.  Therefore, if work has been contracted out due to a lack of manpower or insufficient time to complete the work, Members involved in those trades should have the opportunity to be fully employed during the shutdown period if we are to avoid possible grievances.  If the work was contracted for other reasons (skills, equipment, cost), then the above considerations would not apply.




Local Management will notify the Shop Committee of its decision to schedule no more than two (2) Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks, and will identify the specific week or weeks such shutdown will occur.  Plant Management may schedule the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks to take place during any week between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or, with the local union’s agreement, during other weeks more advantageous to plant operations.


The following is a chart indicating examples of how Members should be compensated and additional time off calculated for time worked and time not worked during a Plant Vacation Shutdown Week.
















Emp. doesn’t work 8 H 8 V 8 V


8 V 8V Subtract 32 hours from Employee’s

VE Eligibility

Emp. works  8 H*

8 DT

8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST No Impact

* May request ATO in lieu of pay













Emp. doesn’t work 8 V


8 V 8 V 


8 V 8 V Subtract 40 hours from Employee’s

VE Eligibility

Emp. Works 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST No Impact
















Emp. doesn’t work 8 V 8 V 8 V 8 V 8 V Subtract 40 hours from Employee’s

VE Eligibility

Emp. works  8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST No Impact












  Emp. doesn’t work 8 H 8 V 8 V 8 V 8 V Subtract 32 hours from Employee’s

VE Eligibility

  Emp. works  8 H*

8 DT

8 ST 8 ST 8 ST 8 ST No Impact

* May request ATO in lieu of pay




Sickness and Accident (S&A) Benefits


Sickness and Accident (S&A) benefits will be issued under normal weekly procedures during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Period.  The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process claims, except for July 4, 2016.


Members on sick leave during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s), who are found able to return to work during the PVSW, will have S&A benefits suspended in accordance with existing procedures.  Such Members should be scheduled for vacation and may be entitled to Holiday Pay, if applicable, for the remainder of the PVSW period following the suspension of S&A benefits, if otherwise eligible.  However, if an employee becomes disabled during the PVSW and disability benefits are subsequently paid, any holiday pay/vacation pay the employee received for the same period is overpaid.  The plant location and Sedgwick should coordinate to ensure any overpayments are properly determined and collected


S&A benefits for salaried Members should be paid only for the period covered by the supporting medical evidence in the employee’s S&A claim file.  Salaried S&A checks will be processed under regular payroll guidelines.

Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation (WC) payments will be processed in the routine manner during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks. The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process and pay workers’ compensation claims with the exception of July 4, 2016.


Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB)


SUB benefit payments will be processed in the routine manner during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.  The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process benefit applications with the exception of July 4, 2016.


Unemployment Compensation


Seniority Members, who are otherwise active and not at work during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s) should generally be either on vacation or, in the case of Members entitled to less than 100 hours of VE (see above), on an unpaid leave, and not eligible to receive state unemployment compensation (UC) for the shutdown weeks.  However, eligibility to receive UC, is determined by the State.  If an employee receives both GM vacation pay and a state UC payment (including a state UC Waiting Week Credit) for the same week, you should be guided by Paragraph (202g) of the National Agreement regarding the recovery of the resulting GM overpayment.