UAW-GM Performance Bonus, Special Transfer Process Update and National Agreements

UAW GM Performance Bonus Lump Sum Payment

Per the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement, GM will include the Performance Bonus Lump Sum Payment [Paragraph 99(a)] in eligible members’ pay distributed June 10, 2016.

Members who were active, on FMLA or temporary layoff on 5/15/2016, or went on a qualifying Leave of Absence within 90 days of 5/15/2016, are defined as eligible.   Such eligible members shall receive a Lump Sum payment of $1,000.

Otherwise eligible members who retired or passed away during the twelve (12) month period prior to 5/15/2016 may be eligible for a partial payment (Paragraph (99) (b)) in accordance with the following table:

Weeks Worked                                                Amount of Payment

13 weeks but less than 26 weeks worked                   $250

26 weeks but less than 39 weeks worked                   $500

39 weeks or more worked                                                $750

Per the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), eligible members that were paid overtime during the qualifying year will receive an additional $0.20 per hour for all premium (time and one half or double time) hours paid.  This additional payment will be included in members’ pay distributed June 17, 2016.  (Example – Eligible member was paid a total of 400 premium hours (time and one half or double time) in qualifying year = 400 X $0.20 = $80.00 additional payment in pay distributed June 17, 2016.)


Special Transfer Process Update

Following Ratification of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement the International UAW began implementation of the Appendix A Special Transfer Process (commonly known as “Go Home”).

The “Go Home” process was designed to create opportunities for our members who were displaced from their home locations, through at no fault of their own, due to the catastrophic events surrounding the General Motors bankruptcy.

There were 1,179 eligible members that received a survey to express interest in the “Go Home” process. Of those surveyed, 489 members responded and as of today 481 job offers to “Go Home” have been extended to those members. Of the 481 job offers made 355 were accepted and 126 members declined the offer.

The UAW-GM Department Staff will continue to work with the company to follow the provisions of Appendix A when locations submit requisitions for manpower.


UAW-GM National Agreements

The International Union UAW-GM Department Staff and the General Motors Company Labor Relations Staff have completed the proof reading process of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreements. The new contract books are currently being printed and will be shipped to the local unions starting the week of June 20, 2016.