Apprenticeship Program Update

UAW-GM Apprenticeship Program Testing 2016

  1. A total of 1,150 candidates have been tested through June 20, 2016 (Arlington, Lansing, Flint, Metro Detroit and day 1 of Wentzville).
  1. Testing in larger locations is yet to be conducted or the results are not available.
Bowling Green, Spring Hill Spring Hill Saturday, June 25, 2016
Sunday, June 26, 2016
Defiance, Toledo PT Toledo Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Westchester & Cincinnati Westchester Wednesday, June 23, 2016
  1. 301 candidates were no shows at test locations-
    • A no-show indicates that the candidate did schedule a test session when an e-mail was received and failed to show for a test session that was self-scheduled. A no-show counts as a ‘0’ and uses up one of their two available testing opportunities.
  1. Testing of CCA locations-DDI has provided the following information regarding plans for apprentice testing
CCA Number to test Scheduled date
Charlotte, NC 9 TBD
Denver, CO 1 Week of June 27
Hudson WI 1 TBD
Jackson, MS 6 Next two weeks
Memphis, TN 2 Next two weeks
Reno, NV 2 TBD


Skilled Members Working in Production and “Go Home”

Below are the results to the skilled trade survey letters that were mailed out earlier this year.

  • 533 employees received a survey.
  • 259 responded to the survey of which 6 indicated they wanted to remain in production.
  • To date, 6 offers have been made and 4 have accepted those offers

The UAW-GM Department has made it a priority to return displaced members, as a result of a plant closing or idling, back to their former area when they are eligible to apply to do so. As this effort pertains to skilled trades we have realized some success but we still have work to do.

General Motors continues to have skilled trade vacancies at many of the UAW-GM locations. Not only is there an immediate need to fill attrition and the “Required to Run” requirements at these locations but also the need to backfill members that desire a transfer. In some areas there remains available skilled tradespersons working production that can be placed to fill these openings but in many others the company is having difficulty filling these openings.

In addition to following Appendix A of the UAW-GM National Agreement and placing Journeypersons in Training the UAW-GM Department has had some success in getting the company to allow skilled trade members to transfer into these openings when there is no backfill available by hiring a qualified new hire replacement..

Unfortunately in some of the locations there are no available back fills through Appendix A or qualified new hires. The company has tested candidates in many of these areas but have yet to yield enough qualified applicants to honor transfer requests. We continue to have extensive discussions on this problem and look for any possible solutions to fill this immediate need for qualified electricians at all of the sites.

Again, we will continue to do all we can to get members an opportunity to return home as soon as possible.