Employee Placement Update

  1. Year to date General Motors has relocated a total of 1,391 UAW-GM members.
    • 836 members within their Area Hire
    • 555 members in the Extended Area Hire
  2. Eligible UAW-GM members can visit http://www.uawgmjas.org and then click on Employee Placement to make an application to transfer.
  3. So far in 2016 General Motors has hired 2,097 permanent production members.
  4. Skilled Trades
  • Since the beginning of 2016 General Motors has hired 368 new UAW Represented, General Motors Skilled Trades personnel.
  • There are still many immediate Skilled Trades openings throughout the company and throughout the country. Look for postings inside the plant that list the sites with skilled trade openings.
  • Experienced crafts persons outside of UAW-GM can go to  gm.appone.com, click the link for ‘skilled trades jobs’ and search by trade classification and location to make an application. Die Makers, Electricians with PLC and Robotics experience, Metal Model makers and other engineering and experimental skilled trades are in high demand and have openings.