Onetime Contingent Annuitant (CA) Convert to Surviving Spouse for Same-Sex Couples

Attention:  Retirees with a same-sex spouse who had previously elected a Contingent Annuitant (CA) option under the pension plan……. as a result of the 2015 negotiations you may elect the 65% surviving spouse coverage for that spouse until December 31, 2016.

If an eligible retiree has elected the Contingent Annuitant coverage for their same-sex spouse and wishes to elect 65% Surviving Spouse, the eligible retiree must fill the form found below, accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate and return it to the GM Benefits & Services Center.

Upon approval of the application, the retiree’s spouse will be treated as the Surviving Spouse for all purposes under the Plan as of the first of the month following receipt of the retiree’s application.

IMPORTANT:  This onetime election window closes December 31, 2016 so act now!

Any questions should be directed to the GM Benefits & Services Center at 1-800-489-4646 or your Local Union Benefit Representative.

Please click here to download the form: Form for CA convert to Surviving Spouse



Skilled Trades Employment Opportunities

The following UAW-GM locations have openings for skilled trades. Employees must satisfy the conditions as outlined in Paragraph 178 of the current UAW-GM Agreement and have experience as a matching trade. Offers will be made to volunteers in seniority order from plants with excess. Employees may be eligible for a one time relocation allowance of up to $30,000. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, you should apply by using the Employee Placement System

Trades Openings

Appendix “A”

The Appendix A Placement process and the use of temporary workers within the UAW-GM plants can sometimes be difficult to understand.
General Motors uses temporary workers for several different reasons. Some of the reasons include absentee replacements to cover for members that are on sick leave, FMLA, vacation, etc., product launch support, Monday – Friday (flex) support to allow members to have weekends off, temporary volume increases, etc. The duration and the number of temporary workers is approved by the National parties. There may be times temporary workers will be utilized in a facility where there is an anticipated future change to schedule as opposed to transferring members only to experience a possible layoff.
When a plant has a need for permanent employees the plant management will submit a requisition for manpower that once approved by the company follows the Appendix A Placement Process. When there are no seniority members eligible to transfer a new hire or temporary conversion will take place. There are also other times that a temporary conversion or new hire may take place, such as a backfill for a transfer or SAP attrition, special manpower agreements for specific plants, etc.
Currently we have a high number of temps in some of our plants due to summer vacation, backfill for the members that accepted the Special Attrition Plan, new product launches and other special causes. The National and Local Parties continuously analyze the use of temps and where appropriate the union demands the placement of a permanent member. So far in 2016 over 1,400 members have been relocated in accordance with Appendix A. Since each facility is unique specific questions can be directed to the Local Union or the UAW-GM Placement Department.

Hourly Employment Pre-Employment Assessment Program Update

The UAW has had much conversation with General Motors about their “no retest” policy and how the union feels a candidate deserves another chance to apply for a job within the company. GM has notified the union of a change to this policy. Effective immediately, GM is establishing a “re-test” policy for the Hourly Employment Pre-Employment Assessment program. This will allow candidates that did not pass the assessment to “re-apply” after 12 months (1 year). Keep in mind, these candidates will have to re-apply to an open job posting and will not be given preferential treatment and will be randomly selected for testing, per the normal selection process.

Also, candidates that have already tested, were unsuccessful and it has been 1 year or more since their failed assessment can re-apply to any current Job Postings, but again, they will not receive preferred treatment and will be randomly selected for assessment per the normal process.

Apprentice Selection Process Update

The testing process is almost complete. The next phase of the process will be to interview those candidates that have passed the assessment. Candidates need to watch the email that they provided for either an invitation to schedule an interview or a notification that the candidate was not successful and feedback as to what areas they need to improve. Interviews will be scheduled starting September 19th with a target to be completed by October 7th. If you have any questions please see your Local Apprentice Committee or email


A grace period has been granted to provide employees additional time to submit required documentation for spouses enrolled in the GM Health Care Program for Hourly Employees. If you have not submitted proof of current marital status for your spouse enrolled in health care coverage, the deadline has been extended to August 8, 2016. If you do not provide proof of marital status by August 8, your spouse (and applicable step-children) will be removed from coverage effective September 1, 2016. If you are unsure whether you have completed the audit requirements, contact the GM Benefits & Services Center at 1-800-489-4646 (select the Dependent Verification option) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.