Hourly Employment Pre-Employment Assessment Program Update

The UAW has had much conversation with General Motors about their “no retest” policy and how the union feels a candidate deserves another chance to apply for a job within the company. GM has notified the union of a change to this policy. Effective immediately, GM is establishing a “re-test” policy for the Hourly Employment Pre-Employment Assessment program. This will allow candidates that did not pass the assessment to “re-apply” after 12 months (1 year). Keep in mind, these candidates will have to re-apply to an open job posting and will not be given preferential treatment and will be randomly selected for testing, per the normal selection process.

Also, candidates that have already tested, were unsuccessful and it has been 1 year or more since their failed assessment can re-apply to any current Job Postings, but again, they will not receive preferred treatment and will be randomly selected for assessment per the normal process.