Onetime Contingent Annuitant (CA) Convert to Surviving Spouse for Same-Sex Couples

Attention:  Retirees with a same-sex spouse who had previously elected a Contingent Annuitant (CA) option under the pension plan……. as a result of the 2015 negotiations you may elect the 65% surviving spouse coverage for that spouse until December 31, 2016.

If an eligible retiree has elected the Contingent Annuitant coverage for their same-sex spouse and wishes to elect 65% Surviving Spouse, the eligible retiree must fill the form found below, accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate and return it to the GM Benefits & Services Center.

Upon approval of the application, the retiree’s spouse will be treated as the Surviving Spouse for all purposes under the Plan as of the first of the month following receipt of the retiree’s application.

IMPORTANT:  This onetime election window closes December 31, 2016 so act now!

Any questions should be directed to the GM Benefits & Services Center at 1-800-489-4646 or your Local Union Benefit Representative.

Please click here to download the form: Form for CA convert to Surviving Spouse