Performance Bonus Payment & In-Progression Wage Increase


The GM-UAW National Agreement provides for a Performance Bonus payment to be paid to eligible employees equal to four percent (4.0%) of Qualified Earnings for the 52 consecutive pay periods immediately preceding the pay period in which September 18, 2016 falls.

UAW represented members who have seniority as of, September 18, 2016, and who are otherwise qualified will receive a performance bonus payment during week ending October 16, 2016.

Members covered by the MOU – UAW-GM Wage & Benefit Agreement for Employees In-Progression, are not eligible for the 2016 Performance Bonus Payment. However, eligible In-Progression members will receive a wage increase in accordance with the MOU UAW-GM Wage & Benefit Agreement on September 19, 2016.

Qualified Earnings are defined in the National Agreement as income received by an eligible employee from the following:

Hourly Base Wages*

Shift Premium*

Vacation Entitlement

Holiday Pay

Seven-Day Operator Premium

Bereavement Pay

Jury Duty Pay

Apprentice Pay

Call-In Pay

Short Term Military Duty Pay

Back pay awards related to the designated eligibility year.


*Including Overtime, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday premium payments.