December Quality Performance Payment

During the 2015 National Contract Negotiations, we agreed to a Quality Performance payment if we achieved our target for model year to date Incidents per Thousand Vehicles (IPTV) performance. We are pleased to report that our team achieved the 2016 target, earning each eligible UAW-GM team member a bonus of $500, which will be in your December 9th paycheck.

Our UAW-GM team is committed to delivering top quality for our customers. Whether you work in vehicle assembly, stamping, powertrain, components, engineering support services, or service parts, everyone has a role to play in achieving success.

When it comes to quality performance, we don’t win until our customers tell us we do. That’s why customer survey results are so important. In the 2016 J.D. Power IQS, GM ranked 3rd overall as a corporation and won seven vehicle segment awards, more than any other manufacturer.

We continue to make progress and remain on the right path. However, as we have said in the past, our work isn’t done until all of our vehicles are segment winners.

This has been an eventful year, marked by a number of important vehicle launches, manufacturing facility upgrades, added jobs, and new investment announcements. The strong momentum we’ve built will carry us into 2017, where we’ll have another action-packed year and an opportunity to make a difference through quality.

Congratulations, and thanks very much for your efforts.