Apprentice and Skilled Trades Update

Recently the UAW-GM Skilled Trades and Apprentice Committee identified 205 members that will be offered an apprenticeship in one of 21 UAW-GM locals. Those that have been selected will soon be receiving an offer package from the Joint Local Apprentice Committees. This is the first group of apprentices that was negotiated during the 2015 National Bargaining. The National Committee has begun discussions on identifying the next group of apprentices that will be indentured in early 2017.

Apprentices are indentured to fulfill future needs for journeypersons in our locals. There are currently 298 openings for journeypersons or journeyperson-in-training across 25 UAW-GM locations to fill immediate skilled trade needs. The locations and trades for these openings have been posted in all the UAW-GM sites. A skilled tradesperson that holds a UAW-GM skilled trade date of entry may apply for these openings in the Employee Placement System. Those skilled trade journeypersons that do not have a date of entry or are non UAW-GM members may apply on the web site for posted openings. In accordance with the National Agreement the process for hiring journeypersons without a date of entry is the sole responsibility of General Motors and those that pass the screening process will be tested and interviewed by the company.

In addition to the 205 new apprentices, 368 skilled trade positions have been filled with UAW-GM members and 193 new skilled trade journeypersons have been hired in the 2016 year.