2016 NEPC Application Purge & Unused Vacation Payout

2016 NEPC Application Purge

As many of you may recall all Members with applications to transfer under Appendix A of the UAW-GM National Agreement received a letter from General Motors, in November 2016, reminding them to resubmit their applications between December 1 and December 31, 2016. This action, in accordance with the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement, would prevent those applications from being “Purged” on January 1, 2017.

The Purge has been completed, and some members may not have resubmitted their applications during the month of December 2016. In order to make your selections, Area Hire, Extended Area Hire or Return to Former Community, you will have to sign into the Employee Placement System (EPS) using your GMID and personal password.

Please contact the UAW Placement Department at (313) 324-5526 or the National Employee Placement Center at (586) 986-6486, if you need any assistance.

Unused Vacation Payout

In accordance with Paragraph (193b) General Motors has notified the Union of the following:

For those employees that have unused vacation from 2016, they can expect to receive payment in Roll 4, payment date of January 27, 2017

When employees view their pay statements for vacation pay they may see up to 2 line items for the payout. Both will have a description of VACPRO for vacation, or HOL PRPO for Holiday. .