Profit Sharing Update

Congratulations to our UAW Chrysler and UAW Ford brothers and sisters, whose profit sharing amounts were reported this past week. Chrysler UAW members will receive $5,000 in profits and our UAW Ford brothers and sisters will receive $9,000 in profits. GM’s fourth quarter earnings will be reported on February 7, the payments will be paid on February 24, stay tuned to UAW GM talks for an update.

Reminder: If you want to defer either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your Profit Sharing to the PSP, you must enter your deferral before 4 p.m. EST on February 9, 2017.  If no deferral is entered, 100% of the Profit Sharing payment will be included in your normal paycheck on February 24, 2017.

Consider saving just a little bit more for your retirement.  Log into your PSP account at: to enter your deferral.  For more information please reference full text notices sent to you by email or traditional mail, or posted at your work location.