Upcoming Payroll Events and Changes

Profit Sharing Payout: 

Employees’ eligible for the profit sharing payment can expect to receive payment in Roll 8, payment date of February 24th, 2017.


The profit sharing payment will be taxed at the employees’ W4 rate.  Employees are encouraged to use the employee self-service portal to make W4 election changes.  Changes can be made on line through the portal up until February 20th, 2017.  Employees wishing to claim exempt from Federal taxes, may now do so through the portal.

Update W4 Tax Withholding Elections Online

Employees electing to make Federal tax updates can do so electronically by utilizing ADP Employee Self Service (EES) at https://ssoportal.globalview.adp.com/login/gm/gm_login.fcc.


Any employee who has a current overpayment balance for payroll, relocation or short term disability will have up to 50% of the payment applied to that overpayment.

Paystub Display:

Profit sharing will be displayed on the paystub using the code:   PRO SHR

Employees electing to defer profit sharing will see that deferral under the code: *PROFSHR DEFER