MetLife Funeral Discount and Planning Services for GM Members

MetLife will now offer a new funeral discount and planning services through Dignity Memorial effective June 1, 2017. Through Dignity Memorial, employees, retirees and their spouses as well as extended family (children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents) will have access to counselors as well as discounts on funeral services through a network of funeral homes and cemetery providers in the United States.


Services include:

  • Discounts of up to 10% off funeral, cremation, and cemetery services provided through a Dignity Memorial funeral home
  • Unlimited access to Dignity’s comprehensive end-of-life planning tool and resource library
  • Professional funeral consultants to help your employees and their families make confident decisions
  • Planning services to help make final wishes easier to manage
  • Bereavement Travel Services to assist with time-sensitive travel arrangements to be with loved ones (when services are provided through a Dignity Memorial location)
  • Some State specific rules apply:
  • No funeral discounts available in the states of KY, NY, SD and WY
  • In states of MI and TN – funeral discount is only available upon planning for the already deceased (not for pre-planning of funeral arrangements)
  • All other states…discounts apply for planning either before or after death


For more information: Dignity Funeral Planning  or visit

Change in GM Hourly Direct Deposit Process

IMPORTANT:  Change in GM Hourly Direct Deposit Process effective Monday, June 12, 2017 

In an effort to enhance security and to protect their employees from any potential harmful fraudulent activity, GM Payroll is making the following changes to the direct deposit processing for hourly employees effective Monday, June 12, 2017:

  • All hourly employees will be required to make changes to their direct deposit information through the Employee Self Service (ESS) system that is currently in place. Paper forms will no longer be accepted by the payroll processing team after this date.  Instructions for using the ESS system are included below.


  • We are also encouraging our employees to update their Federal and State W-4 forms through ESS.

The Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS) include:

  • A single, secure ADP portal where an employee’s confidential payroll and tax information is stored.
  • ESS is easy-to-navigate and is available 24-7, regardless of where the employee is located.
  • ESS is accessed using the same login and password the employee has set up for IPay.
  • The ability to quickly and securely change banking and W4 information online.
  • Eliminates the need for paper forms.
  • Changes are made immediately.
  • Enhanced security, no risk of forms with personal information getting lost, misplaced, or compromised.


ESS Accessibility:


Please note that the ESS site cannot be accessed through IPay, even though the employee will use their IPAY login credentials.  They must use the specific URL above.  

All employees have the ability to register with IPay and the ESS Portal to make banking and W-4 changes online.  This is by far the fastest and most secure way of making changes.  We are requiring employees to update bank information online through the portal to eliminate the need for the paper form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Help Desk at 866-245-5957.

ESS User Instructions

2017 GM Vacation Shutdown Information


As you know, the National Agreement provides for up to two (2) weeks of Vacation Shutdown during the prime time of the year, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or, with the local union’s agreement, during other weeks more advantageous to plant operations.  Please see the supplemental information regarding the 2017 Vacation Shutdown Weeks Schedule if your plant has been scheduled to be down.

We have included a chart to simplify the usage of required vacation entitlement.  Any questions should be referred to your bargaining representative.

Supplemental Information Regarding the 2017 Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks Schedule


Employee pay (EFT or paycard) for the PVSW will be provided as normal payrolls for the week(s).

Waiver of Pay

VE pay can be waived for the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s).  If an employee wants to waive pay for approved time off, the employee must submit the “Waiver of Vacation Time Off Payment” card at least two days in advance of the scheduled time off and it must be for the entire period of approved time off.  If ATO is credited to an employee and later used, the employee may request to waive pay in the same manner as described above by submitting the “Waiver of Vacation Time Off Payment” card.

Absence Coding in the Timekeeping Systems

The Group Leader is responsible for coding the absences in accordance with the requests & approvals for each employee.  Absences should be coded using the advanced scheduling module of either GMTKS or Kronos.


Required Vacation Entitlement Usage

Temporary employees do not have Vacation Entitlement hours and should be coded L05 in PeopleSoft for the duration of the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s).

Employees entitled to Vacation Entitlement pursuant to Par. 191 will be required to apply such entitlement to the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s) as follows:

graph 2


For plants that are not operating and a discipline occurs prior to a PVSW, and would otherwise extend into a PVSW time period, the disciplinary period will stop during the entire period of the shutdown and will resume when the plant resumes operation following the shutdown period.

Short Term Military Leave / Bereavement / Jury Duty

Employees on Short Term Military Leave, Bereavement, or Jury Duty during a PVSW:

–     Those who are not scheduled to work will not be required to utilize VE on those                 days.

–      Those who are scheduled to work will be handled in the normal manner.


7 Day Operators

7-Day Operators will be neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as a result of scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.

Alternative Work Schedules

Employees on alternative work schedules will be neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as a result of scheduled Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.

Skilled Trades – Subcontracting

The scheduling of Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks does not relieve management of its obligations under the subcontracting provisions of the GM-UAW National Agreement.  Therefore, if work has been contracted out due to a lack of manpower or insufficient time to complete the work, employees involved in those trades should have the opportunity to be fully employed during the shutdown period if we are to avoid possible grievances.  If the work was contracted for other reasons (skills, equipment, cost), then the above considerations would not apply.

Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s)

Local Management will notify the Shop Committee of its decision to schedule no more than two (2) Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks, and will identify the specific week or weeks such shutdown will occur.  Plant Management may schedule the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks to take place during any week between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or, with the local union’s agreement, during other weeks more advantageous to plant operations.



Sickness and Accident (S&A) Benefits

Sickness and Accident (S&A) benefits will be issued under normal weekly procedures during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Period.  The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process claims, except for July 4, 2017.

Employees on sick leave during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s), who are found able to return to work during the PVSW, will have S&A benefits suspended in accordance with existing procedures.  Such employees should be scheduled for vacation and may be entitled to Holiday Pay, if applicable, for the remainder of the PVSW period following the suspension of S&A benefits, if otherwise eligible.  However, if an employee becomes disabled during the PVSW and disability benefits are subsequently paid, any holiday pay/vacation pay the employee received for the same period is overpaid.  The plant location and Sedgwick should coordinate to ensure any overpayments are properly determined and collected

S&A benefits for salaried employees should be paid only for the period covered by the supporting medical evidence in the employee’s S&A claim file.  Salaried S&A checks will be processed under regular payroll guidelines.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation (WC) payments will be processed in the routine manner during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks. The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process and pay workers’ compensation claims with the exception of July 4, 2017.

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB)

SUB benefit payments will be processed in the routine manner during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks.  The GM Benefits & Services Center will be open to process benefit applications with the exception of July 4, 2017.

Unemployment Compensation

Seniority employees, who are otherwise active and not at work during the Plant Vacation Shutdown Week(s) should generally be either on vacation or, in the case of employees entitled to less than 100 hours of VE (see above), on an unpaid leave, and not eligible to receive state unemployment compensation (UC) for the shutdown weeks.  However, eligibility to receive UC, is determined by the State.  If an employee receives both GM vacation pay and a state UC payment (including a state UC Waiting Week Credit) for the same week, you should be guided by Paragraph (202g) of the National Agreement regarding the recovery of the resulting GM overpayment.