Manpower Update

Due to a shift in the car market General Motors has adjusted the production schedules at many of our UAW-GM Plants. This has created some layoffs and the release of many temporary members. We have received many questions about temporary workers remaining in some facilities while members are laid off in others. While we have been able to accommodate many displaced members at other facilities in either permanent or temporary positions we have more work to do.

Attachment B to Appendix A of the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement provides for temporary employees. Temporary help can be requested by the plant for such needs as vacation replacements, launch support, temporary volume increases, etc. The language also allows a calculated number of temporary help to back-fill for sick leaves, FMLA and unexcused absences. The third provision is for Monday-Friday workers to cover high absences on those days. Once approved by the National parties the plant may hire temporary help up to the number that has been approved. Appendix A Section VIII provides for laid off members in the area hire to fill these requests. The UAW has also reached an agreement with GM to offer laid off members outside of the area hire to fill these requests on a voluntary basis.

The UAW, International GM Department, Regional Offices and Local Unions, are constantly reviewing the needs at all the locals and pressuring the company to hire permanent members when there is a need. We will continue do our best to relocate all our laid off members and offer members that desire a transfer to another facility