The UAW App and UAW GM Talks



Looking for UAW-GM information on

 the go? Our phones have become quite a handy resource tool! We can check the weather, post to social media, send texts, play games and even order from our favorite restaurants. It is also a way we connect with family, friends, co-workers and now with our union via the UAW App!

Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, getting the app is easy


. Just text “APP” to 99795.* You’ll be prompted to indicate what kind of phone you are using, then a download link will be sent automatically to your phone. Just follow the link to install the app!

Once installed, get the latest news from a variety of sources that go directly to the app. Or dig into the national events section that features a list of events union members are organizing and attending. Access UAW social media platforms or get information from the UAW Constitution or Big Three contracts. You also can set up notifications to receive the latest UAW news.

For more information on the app visit:

UAW GM Talks

The UAW GM Talks page was created to be help with communications specifically for UAW-GM workers. Whether it’s educational, historical events, or UAW members uplifting their communities we formulate posts that matter to the UAW-GM worker.  Every Friday we have a “Friday Update” on current topics and issues workers are raising.

If you have any suggestions for topics or questions you can message the page and we will do our best to get your questions answered and hear what you, our members want to know about. To help get information out to the most members possible please help us by sharing our page and posts. Please like the page if you haven’t done so already. You can find the page here:


As President Williams said “Communication with our members is key to a strong union,” That is why we are challenging you to share the UAW App and the UAW GM Talks page with at least 10 people at your worksite. By doing so you can help strengthen communication and build a strong union!



What is LEAD?


Leadership Education and Development 

LEAD is a program developed to review issues and information important for the security and future of all UAW-GM members and their families. The goal of LEAD is to work together to build upon the strengths of your local union and minimize any threats.

Another goal of LEAD is to strengthen communication, education and solidarity in our workplace. This is done by using the concepts of strategic planning to define a long-term vision, set immediate goals, develop work plans to achieve these goals and agree upon a system of continuous improvement.

To find out more about LEAD contact a member of your local union leadership.







New Hire Assessment Transition FAQ

New Hire Assesment FAQ

Will the current pool of past and future temps be transferred to the new provider? 

The current active pools of candidates who have passed the assessment process will be transferred to the new vendor provided they have kept their status active with DDI.  If, however, they were previously contacted by DDI for a drug screen, background check or a report to work and failed to confirm or show up as requested they may be in a withdrawn status in the system.  If candidates would like to check on their status they can contact the DDI call center at 800-973-1465.

I have a test in a few weeks will it still be DDI? 

Yes.  There will be a 6-8-month transition period prior to the new vendor assuming complete responsibilities.

How will the change affect the current temps? 

The transition should be transparent to existing temporary employees.

I have been on the list since 2012 and have already taken the hands-on test and phone interview and I am still waiting for contact. 

Candidates who go through testing are notified immediately following their testing once their scores are compiled.  If the individual tested in 2012 they would have received notification of their success or failure to pass.  The candidate should contact DDI at 800-973-1465 to verify their status.  If they did not pass they should reapply.

How will this affect the apprenticeship program?

There should be no impact on the apprenticeship program at this point in time.


**For more information please contact your local union representative.**