Easter Monday & GM Monthly Sales Report

Easter Monday

In 2015 the UAW-GM bargaining committee worked hard to negotiate 64 holidays over four years with an understanding of the importance of time spent with family and friends to celebrate holidays. Included in the holidays the Monday after Easter was restored and is now a paid holiday. Enjoy your extended Easter Holiday Weekend!

GM Monthly Sales Report

FYI: On Tuesday, April 3, GM will release its monthly sales report.

Easter GM Sales

New Hire Assessment Transition Process

As of March 1st, as previously announced, GM is moving to a new hourly assessment vendor for Other Than Skilled (production) employees.  Select International will be providing the assessment tools and leading the hourly hiring process.  The goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. However, during the first 2 weeks in March, please allow for delays in candidate processing as data is being transitioned from DDI to Select International.

For interested applicants, the new application landing page can be found here: www.applytogm.com

  1. Any candidate that has passed the assessment process will be transferred over to Select
  2. Applicants that have applied within the last 12 months will be transferred over to Select
    1. Once an opening is available, an email will be sent to have the candidates reapply
  3. Any applicants that have not tested, and applied over 12 months ago will not be transferred.
  4. Any temporary employees that were released R55, will be placed into the passed assessment pool and transferred to Select.

Once the new call center is up we will share the contact information.