2017 Profit Sharing Check for UAW-GM Members

Today, in accordance with the UAW-GM National Agreement, GM has announced a maximum profit sharing payment of $12,000 for eligible hourly workers who accrued 1,850 or more compensated hours during 2016. Eligible hourly workers who accrued less than 1,850 compensated hours will receive a pro-rated share based on the number of accrued compensated hours. Payment is scheduled to be included in active employee paychecks received on Friday, February 24, 2017. Eligible retirees (those who retired and had compensated hours in 2016) will receive their payment on Friday, March 24, 2017.

“Today’s profit sharing announcement of $12,000 rewards our members’ dedication and commitment to building some of the most popular and high-quality vehicles in the world. They deserve every penny of that collectively bargained bonus check.” UAW International Vice President Cindy Estrada 

February Union Dues Update

General Motors notified the Union that due to a system error February Union Dues were deducted one week early.  GM assures us that dues will not come out again next week and that “normal” dates for dues deductions will resume in March.  Below is the message that GM sent to the plants:

 “We have confirmed with the GBS People Services Payroll team that Union Dues were deducted from employees’ pay checks one week early.  February dues were scheduled to be deducted out of the Friday, February 10th pay check but employees will see that dues were deducted out of the Friday, February 2nd pay check instead.  This impacted all members of all Unions.  The Payroll team has assured us that regular schedule of dues collection will resume in March and dues WILL NOT be collected out of next week’s pay check.”

Profit Sharing Update

Congratulations to our UAW Chrysler and UAW Ford brothers and sisters, whose profit sharing amounts were reported this past week. Chrysler UAW members will receive $5,000 in profits and our UAW Ford brothers and sisters will receive $9,000 in profits. GM’s fourth quarter earnings will be reported on February 7, the payments will be paid on February 24, stay tuned to UAW GM talks for an update.

Reminder: If you want to defer either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your Profit Sharing to the PSP, you must enter your deferral before 4 p.m. EST on February 9, 2017.  If no deferral is entered, 100% of the Profit Sharing payment will be included in your normal paycheck on February 24, 2017.

Consider saving just a little bit more for your retirement.  Log into your PSP account at: http://www.gmbenefits.com/ to enter your deferral.  For more information please reference full text notices sent to you by email or traditional mail, or posted at your work location.

Legal Services Plan Announcement


The new Legal Services Plan is called the UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan (“Plan”).
Effective Wednesday, January 25, the Plan will begin taking new cases.

A new case can be opened by calling this toll-free number: 800-482-7700.
Eligible participants in the Plan will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford and General Motors and their surviving spouses.
What legal services or matters will be covered by the Plan?

The Plan will offer an “office work” benefit, which will provide services for the following types of legal matters:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Purchase or sale and other uncontested issues regarding residential real property
  • Deeds
  • Uncontested family matters
  • Credit reporting
  • Contracts for goods or services
  • Residential leases
  • Birth or marriage certificates
  • Name changes

“Office work” services will include advice, document preparation, document review, factual and legal research, and correspondence. No representation will be provided by the Plan in court or in any litigation situation.
In addition to office work services, the Plan does provide UAW members and retirees with full representation, including attendance at hearings, for Social Security disability applications, suspensions and terminations.

For many legal matters that are not covered under the new Plan, or that require court activity, the Plan intake staff can still process a participant’s inquiries. Such matters will be referred to outside private cooperating attorneys, who will provide legal services to Plan participants at a reduced legal rate.


Profit Sharing Payments Deferred into the PSP

Profit Sharing Payments will be paid on February 24, 2017.  Please note that there is a separate election to defer a portion of this payment into the Personal Savings Plan (PSP).  All previous deferrals of Profit Sharing will be reset to zero.  If you want to defer either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your Profit Sharing to the PSP, you must enter your deferral between  8:00 a.m. EST on January 26, 2017 and 4 p.m. EST on February 9, 2017.  If no deferral is entered, 100% of the Profit Sharing payment will be included in your normal paycheck on February 24, 2017.

Consider saving just a little bit more for your retirement.  Log into your PSP account at: http://www.gmbenefits.com/ to enter your deferral.  For more information please reference full text notices sent to you by email or traditional mail, or posted at your work location.

2016 NEPC Application Purge & Unused Vacation Payout

2016 NEPC Application Purge

As many of you may recall all Members with applications to transfer under Appendix A of the UAW-GM National Agreement received a letter from General Motors, in November 2016, reminding them to resubmit their applications between December 1 and December 31, 2016. This action, in accordance with the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement, would prevent those applications from being “Purged” on January 1, 2017.

The Purge has been completed, and some members may not have resubmitted their applications during the month of December 2016. In order to make your selections, Area Hire, Extended Area Hire or Return to Former Community, you will have to sign into the Employee Placement System (EPS) using your GMID and personal password.

Please contact the UAW Placement Department at (313) 324-5526 or the National Employee Placement Center at (586) 986-6486, if you need any assistance.

Unused Vacation Payout

In accordance with Paragraph (193b) General Motors has notified the Union of the following:

For those employees that have unused vacation from 2016, they can expect to receive payment in Roll 4, payment date of January 27, 2017

When employees view their pay statements for vacation pay they may see up to 2 line items for the payout. Both will have a description of VACPRO for vacation, or HOL PRPO for Holiday. .


Holiday Message from UAW International Vice-President Cindy Estrada

As we begin this holiday season and close out 2016, I want to thank you for the hard work and dedication you have shown throughout this year to our union. I also want to thank you for the kind words and compassion you gave me and my children after my husband died. While I could not respond to every message of support I received, please know that each one brought us comfort and held us up during very difficult days.

This time of year is certainly one of celebration. But it’s also a time for reflection. When I look back on 2016, I recognize that in our union and our country, voices rose against complacency and the status quo. We all wanted something different in our leaders and for ourselves, our union, our children, and our country. I believe that the various events of 2016 have changed us forever and have created an important opportunity for all of us to give more of ourselves to our union and community than ever before.

I don’t have all the answers for where we go from here, but I am inspired by these words of Walter Reuther written almost 60 years ago:

What we need to do is to keep the faith. Keep the faith in ourselves. And when the going is rough, as it will be, let us remember that the test of one’s convictions is not how did you behave, how did you stand up when it was convenient and comfortable. The test of one’s convictions is do you stand up for the things that you believe when it takes courage? Do you stand up in the face of adversity, in the face of controversy?

Let’s commit to challenging each other and growing in 2017, knowing that we can build an even stronger union and community – always together, always in solidarity.




GM Investments and Legal Services Statment

Earlier this week General Motors announced investments of $552 million for key U.S. manufacturing facilities located in Tonawanda, Local 774, Lockport, Local 686, and Rochester, N.Y., Local 1097, and Parma, Ohio Local 1005.
UAW GM Vice President Cindy Estrada noted, “the UAW’s negotiations with GM to reinvest in the Tonawanda, Rochester, Lockport and Parma plants have paid off not only for our members but also for those communities. Our strategic bargaining efforts will keep and grow great American auto manufacturing jobs in places that have seen too much manufacturing disappear and will solidify the job security our members deserve.”
“We here in UAW Region 9 want to thank the General Motors Company for their confidence to invest in our 3 New York facilities in Tonawanda, Rochester and Lockport. This investment will benefit the communities of these Upstate New York GM facilities and are reflections of the local Leadership of the UAW and General Motors and our great UAW membership at these locations,” said UAW Region 9 Director Terry Dittes.
UAW Region 2B Director Ken Lortz agrees, “for Parma and Ft. Wayne today’s investment news continues to create good, stable jobs for our family and communities’ economic future. Through the collective bargaining process UAW members at Parma stamping and in Ft. Wayne have secured long term commitments to continue to produce world class products for General Motors.”
These investments include:
·         UAW Local 774, Tonawanda Engine – $295.9 million for future engine production
·         857 retained and 67 new jobs
·         UAW Local 686, Lockport – $31.86 million for components
·         320 retained jobs (incl. 13 salaried)
·         UAW Local 1097, Rochester – $5.9 million components
·         20 retained jobs
·         UAW Local 1005, Parma Metal Center – $218 million for new presses, dies and sub-assemblies
·         140 retained jobs
Also, this week the UAW President Dennis Williams gave a statement on the Legal Service Plan.
“I am pleased to announce that the UAW has finalized the documents with GM, Ford and FCA that establish the new Legal Services Plan that was bargained during the most recent round of negotiations with the Big 3. Benefits covered under this plan will include a variety of office legal services as outlined in the collective bargaining agreements and are available to all eligible active members, retirees and surviving spouses.
I would like to commend Vice Presidents Settles, Vice President Estrada and Vice President Jewell along with their respective national negotiating teams on their hard work at the bargaining table on behalf of our well deserving members.
The Legal Services Plan is expected to begin operations as early as January of 2017.  The specific dates and details of the plan will be communicated as the implementation begins.”
See a previous post on UAW GM Talks concerning the tax on the Legal Service Plan.

How much will I be taxed for the Legal Services Plan benefit and why am I taxed to begin with?

Are you wondering if you will be taxed for the new Legal Services Plan benefit and if so, how much you will be taxed?  Under the old Legal Services Plan benefit, some members believed that they were taxed $75 to $80 per year for that benefit.  That was NOT correct.  Instead the cost of the Plan (about $75 to $80 per member per year) was added to your income and you were required to pay taxes on that.  That meant that for most people, the actual tax was between $12 and $20.
The new Plan is expected to cost approximately $28 to $38 per member per year.  You will be required to pay taxes on that amount which means that your tax may be anywhere from a few dollars to $10 depending on your own actual tax bracket. 
Prior to 1992, legal services benefits were exempt from taxes so this benefit was provided without members being required to pay taxes on it.  In 1992, this exemption was eliminated by Congress.

Apprentice and Skilled Trades Update

Recently the UAW-GM Skilled Trades and Apprentice Committee identified 205 members that will be offered an apprenticeship in one of 21 UAW-GM locals. Those that have been selected will soon be receiving an offer package from the Joint Local Apprentice Committees. This is the first group of apprentices that was negotiated during the 2015 National Bargaining. The National Committee has begun discussions on identifying the next group of apprentices that will be indentured in early 2017.

Apprentices are indentured to fulfill future needs for journeypersons in our locals. There are currently 298 openings for journeypersons or journeyperson-in-training across 25 UAW-GM locations to fill immediate skilled trade needs. The locations and trades for these openings have been posted in all the UAW-GM sites. A skilled tradesperson that holds a UAW-GM skilled trade date of entry may apply for these openings in the Employee Placement System. Those skilled trade journeypersons that do not have a date of entry or are non UAW-GM members may apply on the gm.appone.com web site for posted openings. In accordance with the National Agreement the process for hiring journeypersons without a date of entry is the sole responsibility of General Motors and those that pass the screening process will be tested and interviewed by the company.

In addition to the 205 new apprentices, 368 skilled trade positions have been filled with UAW-GM members and 193 new skilled trade journeypersons have been hired in the 2016 year.